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Most Reliable Appliances

It is impossible to live without most household appliances. If you have purchased any major appliances lately, you know how expensive they can be. Unfortunately, high price does not guarantee high quality. To help you buy the highest quality appliances, here is a list of most reliable appliances based on recent Consumer Reports surveys. Refrigerators […]

Do You Need An EMV Credit Card?

EMV credit cards are all the rage in Europe and many parts of Asia. In the United States they are just beginning to be issued by most credit card companies. Being a new product here, many people are wondering if they need an EMV card or not. Here are a few reasons you may need […]

3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your IRA

IRAs have been around since the early 1970s. Many people think that simply having one is all that needs to be done. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here are three tips that will help you maximize your IRA. If you have multiple IRAs with different managers, you should consolidate. Most managers will charge […]

Hidden Ways To Save Money

How many times have you read that title? Everyone is offering money saving advice these days. Some are practical and others are just plain bizarre. Hopefully, the tips offered here seem practical to all of our readers. Coffee shop visits are beaten to death in every financial blog you read. While skipping them is wise, […]

Three Things To Remember When Building A Credit Score

The title alludes to three things, but there are really dozens of things to consider in order to effectively build an excellent credit score. Unfortunately, there is only so much space in each of these posts, so lets get to the three promised in the title. Closing a revolving credit account does not raise your […]