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Credit Counseling: Collinsville (IL)

Credit Counseling Collinsville IL Credit counselors are becoming a favorite alternative for Collinsville residents coping with financial problems, bad credit, or severe debts.

We can match you with a debt counseling consultant who can supply you with a free debt review and recommended debt relief program.

Generally folks in need of Collinsville credit counseling have steady work, debts in excess of $5K, and the desire to be free of debt.

While credit counseling doesn’t reduce what you owe, it will look far better to future creditors than debt negotiation.

There are 31,986 people residing in Collinsville, IL, and we have calculated that 1,180 are falling behind on their credit card payments.

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Managing Debt in Collinsville, IL

Credit Counseling Collinsville IL

How much do you owe as a whole? If you find yourself shelling out over half of your income every month on rent/mortgage, automobile/college loans, and credit cards, you really should seek the advice of a credit counselor in Collinsville now.

Do you have at least $10K in medical or credit card debt or have a DTI of 50% or higher? If so, you might need to take part in a DMP, or debt management plan. A debt management program is a method of debt consolidation, in that the money you owe each month is consolidated into just one sum. However, no loan is involved. Each and every month, you will send an agreed sum to your Collinsville credit counseling service. They then deliver the proper percentages to your creditors.

Picking a Credit Counseling Company in Collinsville (IL)

Credit Counseling Collinsville IL

As a whole, credit counseling and debt management plans have been vetted by the Federal Trade Commission and other governmental authorities. But this is how to make certain that your Collinsville credit counseling organization is good:

  • Request testimonials
  • Check out their qualifications
  • Be sure that your counselor is licensed

To learn more, read this FTC guide on choosing a credit counselor.

If you contact us for a free analysis, you can be more certain that you will end up matched up with one of the better debt management services your area.

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How Much Could Credit Counseling Save You?

If your creditors accept your Collinsville credit counselor’s debt management plan, you will get to enjoy dramatically reduced rates, penalty fees, and lower payments per month.

To see just how much you could save, chat with a highly trained credit counselor in Collinsville, IL – today!

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Consumer Credit Counseling Service: Collinsville (IL)

Non-Profit Credit Counseling Collinsville IL

The nation’s biggest non profit credit counseling organization is the NFCC, and their network is recognized as Consumer Credit Counseling Service, or CCCS. A Consumer Credit Counseling Service in Collinsville, IL, will normally be a community nonprofit service which makes use of an NFCC member seal. Usually a CCCS firm will supply more than mere credit counseling. They’ll provide Collinsville bankruptcy counseling for Collinsville residents, and in many cases housing counseling and credit score assistance. Of course, nonprofit credit counseling in Collinsville, IL, does not always mean no charge. To discover the CCCS location that’s closest to Collinsville, IL, please check the directory of Collinsville credit counseling agencies we provide or go to

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Credit and Debt Counseling Agencies in Collinsville, IL

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