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Credit Counseling: Skokie (IL)

Debt is among the largest stresses for Skokie residents.

We work with top-rated credit counselors and debt management companies in Skokie to get you the debt relief you’re looking for.

A skilled credit counselor in Skokie can coach you on how to manage your debts, solve your current financial challenges, and achieve freedom from debt.

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The average income in Skokie is $55,696 per annum, which is $4,641 a month. You need to speak to a credit counselor if you earn $4,641 and are shelling out $1,996-$2,321 each month on debts that are secured or unsecured, for example:

  • Bank Cards
  • All Loans, including Auto, Cash Advance, Mortgage
  • Mortgage or Rent

Have you got more than $10,000 of medical or credit card debt or have a DTI of 50% or more? Then your credit counselor may say that you need to take part in a DMP, or debt management program. A debt management program is a method of debt consolidation, given that your credit card, loan, and other debt payments will be condensed into a single payment, but no loans are needed. This is different from various other approaches to debt consolidation in Skokie, IL that use secured loans to pay down your debts. Simply speaking, your credit counseling agent will manage your creditors personally.

Choosing a Credit Counseling Firm: Skokie (IL)

Credit Counseling Skokie IL

Assuming that you hook up with a reputable firm, credit counseling can be highly effective. Truth be told, the FTC now requires it for those declaring bankruptcy in Illinois and countrywide. But here are a few ways to ensure that your Skokie credit counseling program is good:

  • Ask for references
  • Check out their BBB
  • Double check that your counselor is credentialed

To read more, look at this FTC post on the subject.

If you contact us for a free assessment, you can be more confident that you’re going to be dealing with one of the more reputable credit counseling companies your area.


While credit counseling does not scale back debt, you can save a lot of money through lowered interest and a fewer number of penalties.

To determine how much a DMP could save you, you need to consult a highly trained credit counselor in Skokie, IL – today!

Credit Counseling Skokie IL

The counseling part of credit counseling should be cost-free.

How much does a debt management plan cost you? In most cases $25-$30 monthly, on top of an initial fee of around $75.

The majority of DMP’s will require that you repay 2.5 percent of your overall credit card debt a month.

Credit Counseling and Debt Counseling: Skokie, IL

  • Credit Group Inc, 4107 Oakton St, 60076
  • National Credit Services, 4850 Main St, 60077